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Cover & Formatting Clients - Partial List

SpeedCity Chapter/Sisters in Crime, Ottawa Press & Publishing, Patricia Grasso, Susan Aylworth, Elizabeth Perona, L.K. Bryant, Sr. Diane Carollo, Belle Ami, Sylvia J. Hyde, Don Butler,
Dan Lalande, Brenda Gayle, Bob Chenoweth
"It was a real pleasure working with Teri. She took my half-formed ideas and transformed them into a vision for my book that I could never have achieved on my own. When I finish the next book in the series, she's the first person I'll call on." - L. K. Bryant/Brian K. Lowe - Cousin Natalie Mysteries

MysteryCoverDesigns-SinC Anthology.png
MysteryCoverDesigns-RIM Final.png
MysteryCoverDesigns-MAM Final.png
MysteryCoverDesigns-CAM Final.png
MysteryCoverDesigns-PAM Cover.png
MiM Cover.png
Tony-Book 4.png
Sr Diane-Devoted-cover.jpg

Ottawa Press and Publishing

Sr Diane-Sworn-cover-FINAL.png

Ottawa Press and Publishing

MysteryCoverDesigns-HBD Cousin Natalie.png
Naked Detectives Book 1 Cover
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